November, 2023
Motive Constructs 10G for Oceanside!
November 8, 2023 •

Motive Infrastructure is the general contractor for the citywide 10G install in Oceanside! As a testimate to our experience and expertise as an Underground Fiber contractor, we have been selected by SiFi Networks for the construction of the Oceanside FiberCity project. For Oceanside, becoming a FiberCity means having a reliable, city-wide fiber optic network. This…

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May, 2023
Denver, Colorado
May 5, 2023 •  Construction    Featured Cities  

Our Denver Team has been busy supporting so many cities and public facilities in the region! Some of their recent work includes converting existing decommissioned cell sites into brand-new sites for different wireless carriers. These Anchor/Retain projects provide another option for high quality 4G&5G coverage to city residents. We have just completed this work in…

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March, 2023
Phoenix, AZ
March 16, 2023 •  Construction    Featured Cities    Products  

Arizona had a big month supporting the Big Game! Our team deployed six Lite Sites across Phoenix to support a major carrier’s capacity needs for the Big Game! At only 4 hours of set up time, Lite Sites greatly reduce installation time and lease space. They are complete sites, so there is absolutely no sacrifice…

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January, 2023
Austin, TX
January 30, 2023 •  Construction    Featured Cities  

Our Austin Team has been so successful, we needed a second article to cover their work! The experience of our Austin Team shines on every project. Our directional drilling groups are experts at drilling, laying conduit, and getting sites to production quickly. Equally impressive, if you come back when the site is finished- it’s like…

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GXC Distribution Agreement
January 18, 2023 •  Products  

Motive Infrastructure is ecstatic to announce our nation-wide distribution agreement with GXC. We offer a wide range of products that solve problems for our customers. GXC’s Private 5G Mesh technology is no exception. This product will provide our customers with the opportunity to enhance the performance and security of their network. It is a cost…

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