Motive Constructs 10G for Oceanside!

November 8, 2023 •

Motive Infrastructure is the general contractor for the citywide 10G install in Oceanside!

As a testimate to our experience and expertise as an Underground Fiber contractor, we have been selected by SiFi Networks for the construction of the Oceanside FiberCity project. For Oceanside, becoming a FiberCity means having a reliable, city-wide fiber optic network. This advancement enables Smart City applications, economic growth, and a step towards closing the digital divide among city residents.

“At a press conference this afternoon, officials from SiFi Networks and the City of Oceanside announced the official construction launch of the Oceanside FiberCity® project, a revolutionary fiberoptic infrastructure investment that aims to bring a fast, affordable, and reliable all-fiber internet network to homes, businesses, and institutions in the city. City of Oceanside Mayor Esther Sanchez and Marcus Bowman, Community Relations Manager, SiFi Networks explained that the circa $120 million project, which is being funded privately, aims to provide more than 70,000 households, businesses, and institutions with speeds up to 10 Gbps enabled (Gigabits per second)—eliminating buffering and internet slowdowns—among the fastest residential internet speeds available in the United States.”

For the full press release from our partners at SiFi Networks, please follow this link