Foreseen and unforeseen project challenges can extend timelines and expand overhead. As industry experts, we have identified common pain points and found cutting-edge solutions aimed to create ease of execution.

Private 4g / 5g radio network

GXC is a private Cellular LTE Network that offers the coverage and capacity of a carrier network.

Building 5G with mesh architecture provides faster and easier deployment of your critical business applications on a private network.

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GXC private cellular network
Our SpeedSites provide mobile and temporary-to-permanent tower structures.

SpeedSites are ballast-mounted monopoles that require no ground penetration! They are complete sites, capable of supporting full arrays without stabilizing guy wires. The result is a great reduction of lease space and environmental mitigation. SpeedSite installations take just hours to complete and are perfect for festivals, events, demo/relos, and other rapid deployment situations.

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Superbowl Lite Site Big Game Power and Telco Solution

The HyBridge provides an added green solution.

Utilizing solar and AC/DC conversion allows for additional cost savings on your reliable, temporary-to-permanent power. With an added functionality of 1.7W of peak solar power, you get longer durations between refueling as well as silent operation when used for early telco power. Hybridge’s provide faster air numbers, telco, integration, and power delivery time.

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The SunBridge starts the shot clock by getting early telco power to your site.

Consisting of solar panels, a charge controller, and lithium-ion batteries, the SunBridge can deliver 48v to the fiber provider’s equipment installed on site without running a generator. The temporary power that SunBridge provides expedites inspection and circuit delivery timelines for wireless carriers. These quickly deployable systems are available for purchase, rent, or lease, and are great for getting sites up quicker to turn up revenue.

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Our Generator installations provide DC power while maximizing fuel.

Wireless site equipment requires DC power, and our generators provides reliable backup power without the AC/DC conversion loss. Our generators also utilize variable speed which creates fuel savings. Simultaneously, they are capable of powering multiple cabinets at a time, outperforming their competitors. Our generators truly comes in first economically and functionally.

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Lithium-ion and VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) battery options reserve power through their cycling systems.

These batteries maintain a fluctuating state of charge to reserve energy and continue to operate when energy is limited. They are built to handle cycling thousands of times to maintain off-grid power.


Deka is a premium lead acid battery manufacturer for reserve power. The battery chemistry of the Fahrenheit series is tailored for high-temperature tolerance that supports long-term cycling.

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Polarium is an industry leader in lithium-ion battery technology, providing reliable backup and reserve power for hybrid, off-grid, and grid-connected sites. Additionally, its safety features allow for remote monitoring and managing.

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Off Grid Package
We provide a complete and scalable Off Grid Package.

Our End-to-End Off Grid Package provides full cell site power that is scaled and customized to meet your needs. Our proven system of reliable generators, batteries, controllers, and arrays will ensure that you have power all year long. Building Off Grid eliminates costly commercial power runs and red tape, gets you on air faster, and reduces operation expenses. Additionally, it mitigates increasing power costs and the risks of grid failure– putting you in control.

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