Denver, Colorado

May 5, 2023 •  Construction    Featured Cities  

Our Denver Team has been busy supporting so many cities and public facilities in the region!

Some of their recent work includes converting existing decommissioned cell sites into brand-new sites for different wireless carriers. These Anchor/Retain projects provide another option for high quality 4G&5G coverage to city residents. We have just completed this work in the cities of Parker and Littleton!

We also improve 4G&5G coverage through new C-Band installation and 4G modifications for major carriers. C-Band improves the performance and reach of 5G wireless networks. In turn, users experience a more reliable and speedy connection that is less location dependent. Recently, we have done this work for the Colorado E470, improving 4G&5G coverage for people traveling to and from Denver International Airport.

As usual, we have been busy building new cell sites as well. We just completed the launch of a new carrierā€™s network in the Denver Metro area. The new site will help with service in the Denver LoDo (or Lower Downtown) community, as well as the coverage of Denverā€™s Coors Field.

Improving user connection for residentsā€™ homes, travels, and community spaces makes this work so rewarding!