Our vast experience in structural design provides our customers with confidence in the integrity of their solution.

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Our engineering expertise crosses a broad spectrum of diverse wireless and wireline technologies.  We provide our customers with the solution that costs them the least and gets them to market the fastest. Once your solution is decided, our experience ensures structural integrity that minimizes the chance of future inadequacies.
Wireless and wireline

Motive Infrastructure is the complete turnkey solutions provider for SA and A&E Services.

Many of our projects require zoning and construction drawings, making existing site modifications, performing mount and structural analysis, site or roof mapping, power upgrades, and generator additions. From new site engineering to existing site modifications or additions, we design and create only the best.

Motive Infrastructure has vast experience in both Ariel and Underground Coper and Fiber Networks.

We complete plant design, engineering, and construction of hardline communications networks. We also have in-house JPA (Joint Pole Authorization) and GO95 regulatory specialists who are crucial in this phase.


Our wireless designs feature outdoor and indoor wireless solutions for carriers as well as private networks. Our wireline designs and engineering are provided for Right of Way communication delivery systems. Our wireline expertise includes both fiber and small cell.
Site acquisition

The Motive Infrastructure Lease team understands how to navigate carrier needs with landlord and market realities, accelerating the process of bringing those two parties together.

Our Site Acquisition professionals know and understand each jurisdiction’s criteria and can assist carriers in submitting an initial design that will eliminate costly redesigns.

The Motive Infrastructure Permitting team has vetted local relationships and understands the nuances of each jurisdiction which accelerates the permit acquisition process.

Traffic Control
When Right of Way construction is required, Motive Infrastructure has a seasoned Civil team that will design a custom traffic control solution to meet your project’s specific needs.

ADA Upgrades

Some locations may require ramps, wider doorways, railings, or any other accessibility upgrades for compliance. We can identify needs, as well as remedy them, handling the work from start to finish.
Inbuilding design

Motive Infrastructure uses industry-leading design to meet all in-building installation needs.

solar ess/ev Architecture
We meet Solar and EV needs with turnkey design and installation services.

Whether your solution’s needs include solar panels, charging stations, energy storage, some combination of such, or something beyond, we can provide a telecom-specific solution that meets them.