At our Project Management Office, we develop and house standardized practices and methodologies that allow us to deliver high-quality projects on time, every time.

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Our PMO provides strategic planning and project scoping, program management, and process development.

Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning identifies and allocates the key people, processes, and technologies for your project. With clearly articulated personnel and resources, projects run more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Project Management Methodology

Our project management methodology has been developed from years of experience and proven best practices, but also includes custom tailoring for each contract and service type. Our methodology prioritizes the given schedule and budget of your project.

Best Practices Documentation

Our expansive past-project archives inform our expert approach to upcoming projects. Utilizing past outcomes, we continue to raise our standards and reinform our potential.

Resource management

Technological Tools

The technological tools we use to manage our resources reinforce our internal organization and allow for clearer customer communication. Our Site Tracker Tool allows us to effectively project manage every job we do by real-time tracking scheduling, budgeting, and successes. Our other chosen software, ECSites, facilitates quicker closeouts and the most efficient data collection possible.

Schedule Tracking Capabilities

We know how important keeping to the schedule is for our customers and our own company. That’s why we use industry-leading software to maintain control over project schedules by physically marking milestones as we go. Likewise, we share this critical information with our clients at regularly scheduled meetings.

Budget Tracking Capabilities

When we take on a budget, we are committed to sticking to it. Our software allows us to chart every expenditure and see how close we are to that bottom line. By utilizing this technology, we can guarantee that we are making the most informed financial decisions every step of the way.