Motive’s SunBridge is a quickly deployable and scalable power solution. Its hardened design also means that it deploys faster and easier than a diesel generator while providing 5A @ -48V of green energy.
  • Scalable solar powered system delivers up to 5A @-48V to fiber provider’s equipment upon delivery
  • Triggers the 45-day shot clock for fiber delivery or “early telco”
  • Can deliver A&B power feeds to both carrier & LEC routers
  • Environmentally friendly–zero emissions
  • Deploys faster and easier than a diesel generator
  • Small footprint – 5’ x 4’ x 6’ – can be used on a rooftop
  • Modular and expandable for larger loads
  • Optional supplemental generator for remote locations
  • Available to purchase, rent, or lease
  • Off Grid
  • Silent
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