Our managed services provide data driven decisions.

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Once we understand our customers’ demand and capacity requirements, we provide recommendations for network monitoring, integration, optimization, and upgrades. 

Repair and dispatch
We offer to dispatch designated personnel within your facility, or we can dispatch our field technicians to you.

Our model provides flexibility to deliver the best technical support for every customer. Some customers prefer to always keep their technician on site, and others leave it to Motive Infrastructure to provide full end-to-end support when needs arise.   


We utilize our dynamic team to manage integration within a scheduled maintenance window to avoid disruption of business. The broad knowledge of our in-house team creates a worry-free environment for our customers who no longer need to find and augment other technical teams to integrate new services.  

System monitoring provides proactive insight into faulty equipment that requires upgrades or optimization.
field services
Field services are provided in-house by a team of experts who work closely with the remote teams monitoring the network.

Many customers experience delays when using different vendors for field and remote support. Our customers avoid delays and miscommunications by allowing us to perform all services in-house.    


We suggest optimizations for our customers’ networks that they can schedule for implementation.

Our data driven analytics inform our customers and enable them to make the best decisions in optimizing their network.

full site monitoring

We provide our full-site managed services in two-tiered packages.

Tier One services include full incident management, ticket creation, and troubleshooting. Tier Two additionally includes root cause analysis and integration of new or upgraded nodes. Within each package, our services can correspond with business hours or run 24/7/365.