Denver, Colorado

Our Denver Team has been busy supporting so many cities and public facilities in the region!

Some of their recent work includes converting existing decommissioned cell sites into brand-new sites for different wireless carriers. These Anchor/Retain projects provide another option for high quality 4G&5G coverage to city residents. We have just completed this work in the cities of Parker and Littleton!

We also improve 4G&5G coverage through new C-Band installation and 4G modifications for major carriers. C-Band improves the performance and reach of 5G wireless networks. In turn, users experience a more reliable and speedy connection that is less location dependent. Recently, we have done this work for the Colorado E470, improving 4G&5G coverage for people traveling to and from Denver International Airport.

As usual, we have been busy building new cell sites as well. We just completed the launch of a new carrier’s network in the Denver Metro area. The new site will help with service in the Denver LoDo (or Lower Downtown) community, as well as the coverage of Denver’s Coors Field.

Improving user connection for residents’ homes, travels, and community spaces makes this work so rewarding!


Phoenix, AZ

Arizona had a big month supporting the Big Game!

Our team deployed six Lite Sites across Phoenix to support a major carrier’s capacity needs for the Big Game! At only 4 hours of set up time, Lite Sites greatly reduce installation time and lease space. They are complete sites, so there is absolutely no sacrifice required by the carrier when using these for short-term event deployment, or even permanent deployment!

In addition to this major project, our AZ team continued business as usually on all sorts of exciting work! It is no surprise that AZ is a great place to utilize solar. So, of course, there were multiple solar system upgrades this month- including upgrading panels, battery storage, and generators. These projects are going to move into phase two soon, which includes the delivery of additional solar panels that will be constructed to increase the customers’ power capacity!

We also enjoyed doing some full spectrum projects at new sites- which included installing new generators, shelters, propane tanks, as well as antenna arrays, antennas, radios, hybrid, and grounding. Our customers often chose to make these solar sites as well, bringing in a second set of arrays over time as they witness the energy savings and quality assurance that solar affords!

The Big Game was an exciting one for everyone. Equally exciting, is how visiting this region reminds us of the potential that green energy has to improve our connections, complete critical work on a budget, and preserve the environment as we do it!

Austin, TX

Our Austin Team has been so successful, we needed a second article to cover their work!

The experience of our Austin Team shines on every project. Our directional drilling groups are experts at drilling, laying conduit, and getting sites to production quickly. Equally impressive, if you come back when the site is finished- it’s like no one ever did work there! The restoration required to complete these jobs effectively takes a lot of forethought and of course- hard work.

Microtrenching also requires this level of forethought and restoration. Our team’s expertise results in cost effective fiber to the home projects that cause minimal disruption to traffic flows and ecosystems. We get the job done quickly, so our clients can start serving their communities and turning up profit as soon as possible! Microtrenching also allows for easy repairs moving forward, so consistency of services for the end users can be guaranteed.

Our tower crews have simultaneously been hard at work completing new site builds for major carriers. We manage new towers from concept to completion. Our teams work long days and take turns with climbs and all aspects of physical labor in order to get towers completed and in service as quickly as possible.

The accomplishments of the Austin team are brag worthy and set an industry standard for the residents and businesses of the area!

Sacramento, CA

Our team in Sacramento, California is having an incredible year.

Our projects have ranged from underground utility placement to the top of the tower, with lots of modifications and upgrades in between. Northern California relies on Motive for new infrastructure, as well as maintenance on existing structures and systems.

Our recent upgrades include services like battery replacement and alarm cabling. Our customers chose us for this work because they know we’ll be on the job quickly, have the right people with comprehensive experience, and keep their networks running smoothly. We take pride in our customers feeling confident and assured when they work with us.

We have also been completing generator and tower installs. Major carriers utilize Motive to get towers up quickly with best-in-class equipment and crews. Our generators provide backup power to keep service going even in the most densely populated cities and remote locations.

We’ve got lots more work in the pipeline and can’t wait to highlight some more projects in the coming year.

Austin, TX

The beautiful Austin, Texas is home to our Central Region.

Our work here enables fiber to the home to improve connectivity for residents, and also provides critical in-building wireless infrastructure to shared areas to make Austin a truly 5G capable city.

We’ve completed many projects in Austin. We specialize in the design, construct, and monitoring of indoor and outdoor private LTE / 5G solutions. We develop custom solutions for our clients’ locations and offer the additional monitoring services of our partner companies like GXC when beneficial.

An example of our solutions in Austin is our install of DAS (Distributed Antenna Solution) Emergency Responder Radio Communication Systems throughout client buildings. The DAS system ensures public safety via adequate signal coverage when it matters most. Additionally, we are providing clients with Cellular DAS for consistency in their employees, customers, and guests coverage at their secure locations.

With our rapid expansion, we have our hands in many current Austin projects and are hiring faster than ever. We can’t wait to share more work as it becomes complete.