Phoenix, AZ

March 16, 2023 •  Construction    Featured Cities    Products  

Arizona had a big month supporting the Big Game!

Our team deployed six Lite Sites across Phoenix to support a major carrier’s capacity needs for the Big Game! At only 4 hours of set up time, Lite Sites greatly reduce installation time and lease space. They are complete sites, so there is absolutely no sacrifice required by the carrier when using these for short-term event deployment, or even permanent deployment!

In addition to this major project, our AZ team continued business as usually on all sorts of exciting work! It is no surprise that AZ is a great place to utilize solar. So, of course, there were multiple solar system upgrades this month- including upgrading panels, battery storage, and generators. These projects are going to move into phase two soon, which includes the delivery of additional solar panels that will be constructed to increase the customers’ power capacity!

We also enjoyed doing some full spectrum projects at new sites- which included installing new generators, shelters, propane tanks, as well as antenna arrays, antennas, radios, hybrid, and grounding. Our customers often chose to make these solar sites as well, bringing in a second set of arrays over time as they witness the energy savings and quality assurance that solar affords!

The Big Game was an exciting one for everyone. Equally exciting, is how visiting this region reminds us of the potential that green energy has to improve our connections, complete critical work on a budget, and preserve the environment as we do it!