Fire Department DAS

We create Distributed Antenna Solutions (DAS) networks that ensure your in-building communications have optimal capacity and coverage. Whether you need Cellular DAS, Public Safety DAS, Structured Cabling, WIFI 6, or any combination of Data Networking, we have the experience to ensure your building will meet code requirements and perform efficiently at all times.

We’ve been providing Cellular and Public Safety DAS services for over 12 years, and cabling and fiber services for 25 years. Since the onset of the in-building wireless coverage industry, we’ve been crafting our best practices for acceleration and excellence.
Cellular DAS

We understand how crucial cellular connectivity is for cities, businesses, organizations, and more. Motive Infrastructure deploys Cellular DAS to enhance network coverage and capacity for clients who have locations where cellular signals are weak or where large numbers of people gather. Cellular DAS ensures that cellular signals can reach all parts of a location—even those which are remote or hard for RF to penetrate.


Public Safety DAS

Motive Infrastructure Solutions is an industry leader in in-building public safety radio enhancement specializes in extending radio coverage in buildings in accordance with IFC, NFPA, FCC, state and local codes / requirements. Our certified staff is current with all the codes processes and local coverage requirements for in-building wireless signal enhancement. We can perform the following services to assure you are compliant.


  • Benchmarking / Radio Signal Testing
  • Consulting / customer support with local & state authority’s
  • Design & engineering
  • Installations
  • FCC / Local authority’s registrations
  • Installations and commissioning
  • Service & maintenance


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