How to Reduce Time Spent on a Site Build: Use a Lite-Site!

reduce time spend on a site build

How to Reduce Time Spent on a Site Build: Use a Lite-Site!

One of the most significant problems with site builds is the duration of initial project planning to getting a site live. In telecom, the average duration to get a site built and live is approximately 22 months–definitely no small time window. With the right kind of equipment and materials, a telecom site can be built in a smaller window of time. It’s just a matter of determining what options are available to deploy, and whether or not they’re worth the money. One of the most viable products available today to reduce installation time for telecom builds is the lite site. It’s a fully-modular system with a monopole, configurable base frame, and fencing. Here are 3 problems that a lite site fixes that reduce time, and ultimately money spent.

3 Ways a Lite Site Reduces Time on a Telecom Build

Probably the largest benefit of a lite site is that a lot of digging isn’t necessary–the installation sits on the ground so you won’t need expensive permitting or soil relocation to erect a pole. Permitting itself can sometimes take several months to even two years, so one less permit to dig and relocate dirt is a good thing, we think.

What else does a lite site mean for you and your builds? More access. No digging into concrete or pavement, no underground facilities or wires to worry about. Simply deploy for a build and you can reduce enough time spend to justify the cost of a lite site. Less time spent means fewer dollars going out of the door for your projects. We’re sure that’ll make someone in charge of money happy.

A Lite Site Can Be Erected in Four Hours

A lite site, believe it or not, can be erected in four hours–transport, deploy, and build. Enough said!

Same Stability As a Standard Installation

Since a lite site is meant to be a mobile platform capable of erecting within a few hours, there are probably some concerns about it’s stability. Motive’s lite sites are as stable as a regular ground installation of a pole because of how the structure is engineered.

We’ve compared a lite site to a regular pole installation in the field and recognized, even in different weather conditions, the lite site was just as stable as a standard pole sitting on a caisson foundation dug into the ground. So instead of focusing on soil evaluation, permitting, and digging–pouring weeks of time down the drain–you can install the site in mere hours with peace of mind.

In today’s day and age, the aphorism “time is money” still rings true which is exactly why we addressed the need of a lite site. On average, a lite site reduces time spent for the duration of a site build by up to 75%. 

Motive Infrastructure Solutions is extremely happy to be an official reseller of a quick-deploying, small footprint, mobile monopole for any installation need–telecom, energy, or otherwise. If you’re interested in saving time on your next site build, contact us to discuss details.