Installation of EV Charging Stations

We provide all necessary make ready and installation of EV Charging Stations.


Make Ready:

  • Certified electricians to evaluate available capacity of existing electrical panels, required upgrades and/or new dedicated electrical panels
  • Onsite evaluation to determine conduit and wiring requirements
  • Measure cellular signal levels and identify suitable locations for placement of cellular signal booster equipment, if needed



  • Electrical infrastructure to operate the charging stations
  • All conduit and wire is pulled to the station location
  • All concrete work is completed to mount the stations
  • Cellular repeaters are installed, if required.
  • All construction conforms to local codes
ChargePoint Level 2 Installation

Benefits of EV Charging Stations

Benefits of EV Chargers at Multifamily Properties:

  • Attract and retain high value and green-minded tenants
  • Increase rent and property value
  • Meet emerging state and city regulations
  • Improve your green standing and meet sustainability goals such as LEED certification.


Benefits of Workplace Charging:

  • Improve Productivity: Save employees worry and time by providing them the convenience of charging while at work
  • Increase Employee Loyalty: Keep employees engaged by providing them the benefit they highly value
  • Enhance Brand Image: Show customers and employees you’re a modern workspace by providing innovative charging solutions at the office
  • Achieve Sustainability Goals: Reduce greenhouse emissions of employee commutes by thousands of metric tons


We offer faster, no obligation, site walks and quoting services as well as more economical installation and equipment costs!


Motive is a ChargePoint EV Charger Sales and Installation Partner

  • For information or a formal quote (prepared per your project requirements), please contact: Marc Sobelman at 602-819-3505 or
  • Ask us for a list of all active financial incentive programs for the purchase and installation of EV charging